All of my dot/configuration files and scripts.

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Configuration files and scripts to fully rice my setup.

  • dwm/ - dwm window manager configuration files and patch.
  • i3wm/ - i3wm window manager configuration file and script.
  • nvim/ - Neovim text editor configuration file and colors.
  • polybar/ - polybar status bar configuration file.
  • qutebrowser/ - qutebrowser web browser configuration file and homepage.
  • st/ - suckless terminal configuration files and patches.
  • termite/ - termite terminal configuration file.
  • weechat/ - Weechat IRC client configuration files.
  • bashrc - bash configuration file.
  • xinitrc - Xorg configuration file.
  • Xresource - Configuration file for urxvt-unicode and rofi.



i3wm / st / weechat / neofetch