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Control multiple (infrared) devices from one server (w/ Andr0id app)

Updated 2 days ago

Arduino/ESP8266/etc h4x lol

Updated 3 weeks ago

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Random howtos and shit lol

Updated 1 month ago

premium af lol

Updated 2 months ago

Check plugins for em icinga2 m0nitoring shit y0

Updated 5 months ago

SFTP-based image dropper for Mac OS X with archiving functionality

Updated 6 months ago

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Remote control shit for OS X (w/ Android app)

Updated 7 months ago

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Dankass remote control thang for k0di vidy0 (Android only lmao)

Updated 9 months ago

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Self-hosted mouse click/keydown counter thingamajig =] (OS X/Wind0ngs lol)

Updated 10 months ago

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Premium Anope m0ds yo

Updated 1 year ago

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Bighecks to interact w/ UnrealIRCd 4.x as een regular client

Updated 1 year ago

Bighecks to interact w/ UnrealIRCd 4.x as een leaf server to watch raw logs etc

Updated 1 year ago

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ffmpeg = bae

Updated 1 year ago

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RPI door alarm project for keks

Updated 2 years ago

Crude tool(s) to extract shit from LG proprietary .lbf backups

Updated 2 years ago