Commit History

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  Wazakindjes 944162321b Print missing config field names l0l 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 993b31bae3 Added Standard(Out|Error)Path directives to ex0mple plist, also added a nout bout em in el readme =] 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes eb81cdd72b printem() function to always flushem stdout lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes c3d7ea8441 Better removal of URL query params imo tbh lmao 2 years ago
  Wazakindjes 14046e3016 Extended OSX issue information lel 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes 22b51b53dc Added common issues thang w/ mention of OS X upgrades fucking gntp 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes 8cc27ea1a8 Updated README w/ m0ar deps and clarified the domain requirement thanggggg 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes af9fadd06b Added exifgps conf var to example c0nf and updated exifrotate description y0 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes 3b1882b408 Support stripping _only_ GPS and/or orientation shit (as well as all EXIF tags obv), optimise checking for EXIF etc and added version thing for keks lol 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes cc745cc501 Remove files w/ filesize 0 (failed upl0ads) prior to upl0adin ;];];;]]]];]; 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes 65c4ef0244 Updated example conf w/ more sane regexes xd (tfw babbys first regex lmao) 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes ed7a394aca Added WorkingIcon (yell0), implemented EXIF stripping and rotation of muh pics, cleaned up plist and added envvar bs (PYTHONPATH etc) =]] 3 years ago
  Wazakindjes 6e50d5c20d Also split the file extension on ':' for 'quick' file uploads (THANKS TWITTER) 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 9cc519cd78 Cleaned up gitignore a bit =] 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 4ab002e094 Bastem buttkrust 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 997b5ef609 bastem 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes e0b02a4201 Testing mail hewk for ma nikka Kruz =] 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes b01cc32603 Allow passing of een URL (so encoded/without spaces nikka) as "quick" CLI arg ;3 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 1941204bf8 Mounting a netwerk drive w/ scrots after Hurr has started resulted in uploading all of em xd 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 600de8c488 Verify regexes at config parse stage ;3 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 244f46b2f9 Added try-except for os.listdir imo tbh famalmalmlam 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes f4d8dd4b8f Updated example conf wit dis inf0 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 33a21e5ada icondir now defaults to /icinz in the script's dir 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 2e52a7b203 Fixed 100% CPU usage cuz muh fucking indentation 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes f98edc78b5 Added ability to choose public key =] 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 718ac675f6 Moved ssh shit to auth block instead of main, also preemptively added sshkey directive example ;3 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes c6968cc40f Tfw need .md ext for readmuhs ;_; 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 363f53fba2 Added readmuh lmao 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 97bb10e601 Open sauced this shit, also made it use a conf file =] 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 8187acf6ac Added example conf lel 4 years ago