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The fuck is this

This shit is a dankass repository for sharing sketches for use with Arduino-type and compatible microcontrollers (like ESP8266-based shit). [=[[=[=[==[[=

Some todo shit

Just to keep this in a place outside of the actual sketches. ;]

  • Look into moving shared custom shit (e.g. netserial) to a library of sorts


If you wrote some nice haccs then make a pull request and I might merge that shit. ;] Just keep in mind that every sketch should always have its own directory and README file. Said README should include clear information on the setup, but you may assume that people at least know how to do basic things like setting up the IDE and flashing their shit. ;] Some key points:

  • You should explicitly state what microcontroller/dev board you're using, as a sketch may or may not be compatible with comparable b0ards
  • Include information about the wiring etc, so people don't have to look around for ages trying to figure out that shit by themselves
  • In some cases the reason for using a certain component may not be immediately clear, so explain that too
  • Preferably write the README in chronological order, i.e. list components first, then wiring information, followed by configuration, etc
  • You don't need to include info about the actual application (e.g. putting it all together in a case and all that shit), just assume people are working on breadb0ards
  • The sketch should probably work and compile using the Arduino IDE, as that's likely what people will be using lel

Or just look at mein esp12e_airconditioner shit for an indication of the necessary inf0.