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Ayy lmao
This is just a qt lil rep0 to store mein "check" plugins for icinga2. ;;];];];];];]];

I'm also using this repo as a centralised roll-out point for additional icinga2 plugins for mein servers. Some plugins may already be included w/ icinga2 on some distr0s, so if one of the servers misses one I'll add it here too. =]]


  • check_ide_smart_sudo: that fucking feel when the built-in check_ide_smart doesn't check for rewt axx lmao
  • check_cpu: uses /proc/stat to get CPU usage (based on this)
  • check_muh_uptime: check_uptime actually comes with icinga2 only on some distr0s
  • check_rpi_temp: check a Raspberry Pi's temperature using vcgencmd measure_temp shit (requires sudo/rewt phambly)
  • check a service's SSL/TLS security/encryption strength via