Andr0id app to skip k0di vidy0 by fixed intervals

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The fuck is this

This shit is a dankass remote control thanggGgGg for Kodi (as in the home theater shit) to forward playback using fixed intervals, based on what you're watching. I mostly made it for myself because I cbf to keep using a mouse to skip past an intro or credits roll, depending on the show. It's not a full-fledged remote control cuz there are better apps for that already. ;]

This app has a target SDK of 25 which corresponds to Android 7.1 (I'm using 25 cuz that gives me full-size app icons w/o that adaptive cancer). It was tested against Kodi v17.6 ("Krypton") which uses JSON-RPC v8. Anything newer should work just fine as well though.


The app makes use of Kodi's webserver functionality as well as the separate JSON-RPC API. If you already have another remote app (like Kore) then you should be good already. Otherwise:

  • Webserver (HTTP): In System > Settings > Network > Services activate Allow control of Kodi via HTTP
  • JSON-RPC (TCP): In System > Settings > Network > Services activate Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi

The webserver is only used in the initial connection to check your user credentials, cuz apparently the TCP API doesn't support authentication?


I think adding shit speaks for itself (just use the plus sign lol). The buttons are rendered in a grid-based layout which will wrap them onto new "lines" automatically when necessary.

If you want to edit existing "shortcuts" you'll have to enable edit mode. I choose for a separate "mode" so you won't accidentally skip ahead when you just wanted to change some shit. In edit mode you can:

  • Short press on a button to change its label and/or skip-ahead value, or to delete it entirely.
  • Long press to initiate dragging. You can then drop it onto another button and it will take its place, moving everything after it to the right.

There's also a persistent notification you can enable, which will display the last used shortcut so you can use it from the lock screen as well. [[[=[=[=

Releasing modified (and signed) APKs

You'll need to make some adjustments if you want to release signed APKs lol. Refer to the section right here (only applies to Mac OS X, if you're on Windows then idk how to do something similar :>).