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So besides writing UnrealIRCd and ZNC modules, I now also do Anope shit. =]

Repo structure:

  • a2: Modules for Anope v2.x obviously
  • uncommon: Quite specialised/complex modules, doubt you'll care about them ;3

This README contains all modules and their descriptions (ordered from new to old). Modules that have PORTED behind their name tell you that I've ported them. If it says UNC (uncommon) or has no tag at all, that means I wrote it from scratch fam.

Since it may be a little hard to find, here's a link that describes how to compile third-party mods:

There may be some compiler warnings from third-party modules, but they are generally safe to ignore. =]

Index lol

ns_saregister (PORTED)

Originally written by Adam, this allows services admins to manually register a nick for someone (without having to confirm shit), like if you have email confirmation enabled but their provider is being gay. It abides by the same rules as REGISTER for nicknames and shit. ;]

Firstly, fire up een edit0r and edit nickserv.conf. Put this in thur:

module {
    name = "ns_saregister"
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "SAREGISTER"; command = "nickserv/saregister"; permission = "nickserv/saregister"; }

The permission bit is essential, otherwise everyone who's identified could use it. By default only opers with opertype Services Root will be able to use em. If you want to allow other opertypes, make sure it's in their respective commands directive in services.conf:

opertype {
    name = "Ayyylmao"
    inherits = "Services Operator"
    commands = "nickserv/saregister"

Then rehash Anope. =]

ns_regcode (PORTED)

The original idea was conceived by n00bie. Basically instead of emailing a passcode NickServ simply says Confirm your nick registration using PROCEED <regcode>.

I'm not really familiar with Anope modules and there's no documentation on how to (properly) write a module for it. So, I just cooked something up based on the logic of the code of the core/built-in mods. =] I basically copied ns_register and added a command PROCEED, more on that below. Other than that, the CONFIRM command is effectively disabled if you use this new auth method. The main reason is because CONFIRM is tailored to confirmation emails and I didn't want to change too much of the current functionality. ;]

You have to load the module in place of ns_register because otherwise (judging by the code), you'd get multiple notifications (one from ns_register and another from ns_regcode).

In nickserv.conf, you'll most likely have a module { } block with a directive name = "ns_register" in it. Change that to name = "ns_regcode", then adjust the registration method to regcode. Finally add a command { } block. Check below for a full example.

Config block:

module {
    name = "ns_regcode" // Drop-in replacement
    registration = "regcode" // Use regcode instead of mail, none or admin
    nickregdelay = 30s // Optional but included for completeness
    unconfirmedexpire = 1d // Ditto
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "CONFIRM"; command = "nickserv/confirm"; } // Was already there, just leave it ;]
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "REGISTER"; command = "nickserv/register"; } // Register might be useful, dontcha tink?
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "RESEND"; command = "nickserv/resend"; } // Was already there, just leave it ;]
command { service = "NickServ"; name = "PROCEED"; command = "nickserv/proceed"; } // New one for regcodes