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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Shit should b p self-explanatory:
 * filesystem\_local
 * filesystem\_remote
 * kvm
+* maintenance
 * mysql
 # Usage
@@ -28,6 +29,8 @@ For all of the `*restic*.sh` scripts any arguments are simply passed along to `r
 __Muy importante:__ this shit doesn't check if you're running it as root nor does it elevate to it, it simply runs under the current user. Some people may have set up a separate management user that has permissions on everything they want/need backed up, so checking for rewt is pretty pointless imo tbh famalmalmala. ;] The same is true for scripts specific to a component, so __I won't be mentioning it in their READMEs y0__.
+__Muy importante 2:__ you can have it do maintenance tasks such as `restic prune` and `restic check` after __every backup__, but you might incur some massive `Download Bandwidth` costs with B2 when you do that. I used to run that shit daily and those costs were almost as much as the storage itself. xd So I made a separate `maintenance` component for doing this every X weeks instead.
 Although restic does incremental backups, it's still possible to delete e.g. the 5th backup out of 10. It will simply remove everything that was present in the 5th backup but not the previous or following ones. So if before the 5th backup you add a file, keep it until the 10th and delete the 5th, restic will repack the st0red bl0bs so only the changes between 4 and 5 will be wiped. When you'd restore e.g. the 9th backup, the file will still be there. [[[==[[=[==[=[[=[=
 # Some n0tes
@@ -39,6 +42,19 @@ Although restic does incremental backups, it's still possible to delete e.g. the
 # Retention
 Since this is likely to differ between components everything has its own `Retention` section. Whatever happens though, we will always keep at least 1 backup (`restic forget --keep-last 1`). ;]
+# Example cr0nj0bbys
+Mein cr0ntab looks like dis:
+# Obviously not necessary, only added this so the specific days from below make more sense ;]
+0 1 1,15 * * zpool scrub muhpool01
+0 2 * * * /mnt/muhpool01/muhbackup/skrip/ mysql 43200 /mnt/muhpool01/log/muhbackup 10
+0 3 * * * /mnt/muhpool01/muhbackup/skrip/ filesystem_local 43200 /mnt/muhpool01/log/muhbackup 10
+0 4 * * * /mnt/muhpool01/muhbackup/skrip/ filesystem_remote 43200 /mnt/muhpool01/log/muhbackup 10
+0 5 5,12,19,26 * * /mnt/muhpool01/muhbackup/skrip/ kvm 43200 /mnt/muhpool01/log/muhbackup 10
+0 6 7,21 * * /mnt/muhpool01/muhbackup/skrip/ maintenance 43200 /mnt/muhpool01/log/muhbackup 10
 # References y0:
 __For VM backups:__