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 You'll need to make some adjustments if you want to release signed APKs lol. Refer to the section [right here]( (only applies to Mac OS X, if you're on Windows then idk how to do something similar :>).
 # Usage
-![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_led.png) ![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_hdmi.png) ![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_stereo.png)
+![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_led.png) ![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_hdmi.png) ![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_stereo.png) ![scr0t](./ass/scr0t_tv.png)
 Deez ~~nuts~~ scr0ts should be p self-explanatory imo tbh. As you can see, you can specify labels for the HDMI switch's buttons (cuz I always forget which is which ;\_;).
 If you longpress on a button (i.e. hold it for 300ms) it will send a `cont` command, then when you release em it will send a `stop` command. This works for all remotes, but there's no real point for it in regards to the HDMI switch. ;;]];];];];