Our server pr0vider carried out maintenance on 15 January 2020 but it corrupted some files in the process. If you notice anything out of the ordinary (partial files, pages not loading, that kind of shit) then let us know at:

Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wazakindjes ada0b200bc win+mac: When counters file is c0rrupt, just rename that shit to '*.rip.<00nix time>' and move on (instead of quitting lol) 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes b283f4f53e zippem.sh: Run trimtabs pri0r to zippan, also support for zipping shit for just one platf0rm 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 1302a7f7d4 OS X: Might be useful to create the required dir *inside* Application Support xd 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes e520d89b58 OS X: Also use replaceItemAtURL for example c0nf, jsut in caes lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes a3cbf0b0e1 Apparently MySQL doesn't rly have a timeout by default lel, also force overwrite of counter file on OS X too 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 3cf1c46fd8 Forgot about a couple writetimer offset things xd 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes ed8183203b Z I P P Y 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes f2f70a221f Do the same for wind0ngs, but also added separate thread for handling em hooks cuz it blocks input if e.g. SQL takes >= half a sec to complete, plus force overwrite of counter file by tmp versi0n 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 325b84f42b OS X: Mebbe parse st0red counters after all the possibly-error-throwing shit has been d0ne lol, also increment instead of initialising imo 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 4b7b116ba2 Tfw forgot a couple of mentions to br0gram files xd 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 1313bb9715 Als0 fix str0kem.rc being detected as buhnary (fuckin UTF16 mayn) 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes c7b0d22721 Added .gitattrib00ts and fixed str0kem.xml being detected as binary lmao 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes b1dabc856a Recommend wind0ngs "installation" dir 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes b69113b195 zips y0 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 9ac909f81b zippem.sh: SymlinxXXxx as symlinxxxX pl0x 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes a94951adef zippem.sh: Force refresh of zip instead of only adding new shit 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 6a00627d11 Wind0ngs: Embed libmysql.dll in exe and extract on runtime lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes d7091c05c2 Turns out the .a file isn't needed when you also have em .dylib, so removed that shit which cut the .app size in half =] 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes eee4f39261 Mac versi0ne: Embed MySQL libraries within .app cuz it n0 werkies on non-dev systems otherwise lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes cde3a5c897 Stray ) lel 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes d37de81505 Apparently gitgud doesn't like nesting italixXx and b0ld in a certain way lel 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes d005a52e74 v1.1: Only allow 0ne instance of br0gram to run, write counters to a tempfile then rename it on success to prevent c0rruption, also implement some massively fucky shit so we can finally handle 'End Task' in wind0ngs taskmgr >_> 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes f9998eca8f Clarified usage of taskschd .xml thingay 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 074814257e New release zips y0 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 1ac38af11b Updated build numbahs lel 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 9161370dbf Readmuh: Added tested OS versions, notes about startup frequency for launchctl/taskschd and writing counters to st0rage as well as running that shit from a cons0le, also added instructi0ns for adding em scheduled task on da wind0ngs 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes f6439485b8 Added Wind0ngs Task Scheduler task templ8 ;;;];];];];]];];]; 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes fa6cc8114f Wind0ngs: attach to console if ran from cmd, force set icons, added writetimer just like w/ OS X, also another attempt at catching exit signals and properly check char arrays being set, add .exe metadata, normalise m0ar line endings, also statically link w/ VS redist shit etc to make it truly p0rtable =] 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes caaf9282a6 OS X: Add copyright shit and better version string to plist, also timer for writing counters to storage (just in case, shouldn't be necessary doe) 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes cb7e0d14bf Let's put Bash helper skrips under version c0ntrol too kek 1 year ago