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  Wazakindjes 27de3000ce Added: argparse so we can (amongst other things lel) enable debug m0de w/o changing em config, corresponding usage section in em readme, configurable max attempts per sensor sample, author/version/etc headers, "constants" for exit codes, some comments to make the c0dd more readable (thanks pythinz for your retarded required indents), explicit exit on KeyboardInterrupt (Ctrl+C), extra debug messages || Changed: "pass" to "sample", print sensor name on exceeding max attempts when not in debug mode, proper order of checking max attempts, simply pass a SystemExit exception (sys.exit() lol) 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes d387bac30c Initial readme y0 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes ae42f9a9a3 Clarified s0me config shit lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes e6fb01b0d9 Fuckin typo in example conf xd 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes e68d879102 Added config file shit lol 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes ac20ac4748 Initial commit l0l 1 year ago