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@@ -11,26 +11,7 @@ __All modules should be loaded on all servers, unless explicitly specified other
 __The shown config block snippets are just examples of the structure, it's up to you to integrate it properly with your existing config__
 # Module compilation (\*NIX only)
-__Protip__: To download a module, use the `Raw` button on the right-hand side when viewing a `.c` file. This way you're sure to get the proper code. ;]
-I personally clone this git repo and symlink modules into the Unreal 3rd party directory, meaning I can simply pull the changes and re-run `make`. So:
-    cd /home/unreal # Home directory of your IRC user
-    mkdir build # Or whatever folder you want
-    cd build
-    git clone
-    cd /home/unreal/unrealircd-5.0.0/src/modules/third # This is your Unreal source directory
-    ln -s /home/unreal/build/unrealircd_mods/malv/otkl.c otkl.c
-    # More links here: ln -s <target> <link name>
-    # You can prolly omit <link name> because many versions of `ln` use the destination file's name for link name by default
-    cd ../../../ # Back to the source tree's root
-    make && make install
-After that just add the relevant `loadmodule "third/modname";` line(s) to `unrealircd.conf`. =] When I've updated one or more module(s), you can simply do:
-    cd /home/unreal/build/unrealircd_mods
-    git pull
-    cd /home/unreal/unrealircd-5.0.0
-    make && make install
-    /home/unreal/ircd/unrealircd rehash
+This repo now rocks a `modules.list` file, which can be used with Unreal's mod manager. ;];] Simply edit `<Unreal install dir>/conf/modules.sources.list` and add the following URL to the bottom of that file: ``. Then run `<Unreal install dir>/unrealircd module list` and verify that modules from this repo are included in the output.
 # Repo structure
 * __skrip:__ Some miscellaneous scripts that might be of use (see readme in the dir for deetz) ;]