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  Wazakindjes fb4b678f23 Added .dll zip to em readme + appvey0r build matrix for Unreal v4.2.4.1 1 week ago
  Wazakindjes fc6ebd119e m_listrestrict: iConf isn't set at *boot* time but it is at rehash time =] 1 month ago
  Wazakindjes 8c7e82a4a8 Clarified some shit in em readmuh 1 month ago
  Wazakindjes 267757e0ed m_git: Apparently make didn't always run, also better error output imo (including a warn on modload for Wind0ngs systems) 1 month ago
  Wazakindjes 8571de58e9 4th party link to specific forum thread lel 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes de5c9e1a81 Added new 4th party mod(s): m_webirconly 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 97f09224d2 m_joinmute: Tfw forgot one xd 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 4a70f35c54 m_sacmds: Let's play nice with format string shit =] 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 95ebb412f3 m_joinmute: Should probs set next before removing shit lol 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes dff3ac8d18 Compilers may throw certain warnings so added een n0te to le readme 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 49ab2c5931 m_tklexcept: Should probs initialise to NULL to be safe xd 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes dc4077a591 Tfw fucked up naming xd 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 4b219d7405 Added new 4th party mods: m_showwebirc.c 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes b5b5f6acd2 m_block_masshighlight/chansno: Fix warnings about 3manyargs5me 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes e7f63c18fb m_chansno: Re-add port number for client connects kek 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 5b3441e713 Added .dll zip to em readme + appvey0r build matrix for Unreal v4.2.3 2 months ago
  Wazakindjes 28598d4d43 [NOAVY] Mabe also add -L in case of redirects lel 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes eca41a40bc Apparently wget randomly br0ke on wind0ngs?¿¿// 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes 869000d405 m_kickjoindelay: Applied some fixes suggested by Syzop fam =] 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes cf10dab34d m_rmtkl: Remove further mentions of Q:Lines >_> 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes c9e716fdb4 m_rmtkl: Extend built-in halp lol 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes b3e0934fc6 [NOAVY] m_rmtkl no longer handles local spamfilters either lol 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes b937ae726e That fucking feel when forgot to pushem readme ;_; 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes ce96fbc912 m_rmtkl: Added support for newly named operprivs in Unreal >= 4.2.1, also removed Q:Line shit cuz not useful anyways kek 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes 3db3676e8b Should probs update readme too lel 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes 793805fa49 m_rmtkl: Silent mode to suppress snotices, broadcast command as-is instead of individual 'TKL -' shit, also display t0tal matched count =] 3 months ago
  Wazakindjes 28dd983dcc Added .dll zip to em readme + appvey0r build matrix for Unreal v4.2.2 4 months ago
  Wazakindjes e015eb1a02 Merge branch 'master+m_listrestrict_topiclen' of k4be/unrealircd_mods into master 5 months ago
  k4be 50c04d855d forgot to change the date :> 5 months ago
  k4be f90134f9cf check for absolute maximum topic length in the place where the configured one is not yet available 5 months ago