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  Wazakindjes f7216d9e89 upd00ted general halp 2 days ago
  Wazakindjes bd50fc1a76 Updated HALP fiel to reflect new U5 defaults, also clarified some shit 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes ca4403c11c HALP: server => servers 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes f46f101364 Restructured HALP and added some shit about ModData slots xd 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes baebe737c0 HALP: Added note bout sudo/root lol 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes edd077a8f6 HALP: Restructed dat shit a lil 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes 5d386b829b HALP: Added n0te bout connection info etc 4 years ago
  Wazakindjes abb4de53df Added HALP.md lol 4 years ago