Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wazakindjes ed387f53bf For all modules: added a license/credits thingy at ze top and cleaned up unused variables xd 11 months ago
  Wazakindjes fe0d9f8588 m_allowctcp_opers: Added BACKPORT shit for CONNECTTIMEOUT that changed to iConf.handshake_timeout w/ v4.0.16 =] 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes f5ec4062e7 Removed various Del() functions like Command/Hook/Extban/UmodeDel() for a metric fuck ton of modules, cuz apparently es unnecessary ;3 1 year ago
  Wazakindjes 02991fe694 m_allowctcp_opers: Allow oper2oper CTCP always, also hacked overrides for CTCP replies to opers w/ umode +T xd 2 years ago
  Wazakindjes 2eeedd901a m_allowctcp_opers: Allows opers to override someone's umode +T (noctcp) 2 years ago