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[PORT] chansno

My port of AngryWolf's module for Unreal 3.x.
Allows you to assign different channels for different types of server notifications. It works like the snomask system, but instead of receiving notifications in your private server console thingy, you will get the messages in channels. ;] Simply load the module and get to unrealircd.conf, see below for halp.

Muy importante: there is some different functionality for Unreal versions 5.0.1 and lower:

  • tkl-del doesn't exist at all (there is a bug that is fixed only in 5.0.2 and onwards ;])

Config block:

chansno {
    msgtype privmsg;

    channel "#huehue" {
        server-connects; squits; oper-ups;

    channel "#kek" {
        mode-changes; topics; joins; parts; kicks;

The first directive, msgtype, can either be privmsg or notice. The first one dumps a plain message as if it were ein user, the second is a channel notice.

And here's a list of types you can use fam:

  • mode-changes => Mode changes inside channels
  • topics => Topic changes lol
  • joins => Join messages obv
  • parts => Part messages 0bv
  • kicks => Kick messages OBV
  • nick-changes => Nickname changes m8
  • connects => Local client connections
  • disconnects => Local client disconnections
  • server-connects => Local server connections
  • squits => Local server disconnections
  • unknown-users => Disconnections of unknown (local) clients
  • channel-creations => Channel creations (previously non-existent channels)
  • channel-destructions => Channel destructions (the last user parted from a channel), notify local users only (to prevent duplicates)
  • oper-ups => Successful oper-ups, displays opernick and opercla$$
  • spamfilter-hits => Notify whenever someone matches a spamfilter
  • tkl-add => Notify whenever a TKL is added (G-Line, K-Line, Z-Line, E-Line, etc)
  • tkl-del => Or deleted =]

You may have noticed the term local a lot above. This means the underlying hook only triggers for clients connected directly to that particular server. So people on server A doing a chanmode change won't cause server B to pick up on it. In this case A will simply broadcast it so everyone gets notified. =] The exception on this are channel destructions; every server will see the event so they will only broadcast it to their local users. I added dis because fuck dupes. ;3