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[MALV] otkl

Allows privileged opers to set one-time G/GZ-Lines. Local Z-Lines are not supported because they seem fairly useless imo tbh famlamlm. =] The rules for hostmasks etc are the same as for regular G/GZ-Lines. These "OTKLines" persist through a rehash, plus servers will sync everything they know at link-time too. ;]

If any online users match a newly added OTKLine, they will be killed first (with the well-known G-Line message about being permanently b&). Then once they reconnect, they'll get killed one more time before the OTKLine is removed from all servers. ez pz.

Simply OGLINE or OZLINE => List current OG/OZ-Lines (they're 2 different lists yo)
OGLINE halp and OZLINE halp => View built-in halp ;3
OGLINE <[-]identmask@hostmask> {reason} => Set/remove an OG-Line (reason is required for adding, ignored when deleting)
OZLINE <[-]identmask@ipmask> {reason} => Set/remove an OZ-Line (ditto for reason)


  • OGLINE *@some.domain.* not gonna happen => Sets a host-based ban
  • OZLINE *@123.123.* nope => Sets an IP-based ban
  • OZLINE -*@123.123.* nope => Removes an IP-based ban