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Requested by TimeRider, this module allows you to e.g. replace a Mibbit user's real name/gecos (http://www.mibbit.com) with something else.

I don't foresee many people needing this, so the module functionality is pretty basic at the moment. For example: the match is a literal match, you can't use wildcards (*something*). It is case-insensitive though. =]

Config block:

gecos-replace {
    match "http://www.mibbit.com";
    replace "";

gecos-replace {
    match "ayy";
    replace "lmao";

In case of the Mibbit example the entire gecos is just their URL, so because we're replacing it with nothing (effectively erasing the text) it will instead become the user's on-connect nick. Some Unreal core code (and perhaps the client?) most likely depends on it being non-NULL and having a length of 1 or more. I think the gecos is also specified as required in em RFC. =]