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Pls halp

Sometimes when using (a bunch of) modules, things get funky. Examples would be:

Also, I'm assuming you have at least some basic knowledge of your operating system. If you don't and it's abundantly clear, I'll probably refuse to help you since you shouldn't really be running an IRCd in the first place. ;]

IRCd crash

In this case, do something like the following in your Unreal user's shell session (or run the apt-get commands directly as root [I'm assuming Debian leenerx here]).

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gdb
/home/unreal/ircd/unrealircd backtrace

I never run IRCds on Windows so I don't know how to get a backtrace there. Perhaps something via the GUI?

The installdir (/home/unreal/ircd) may vary obv, you just have to point to the installed Unreal wrapper (not the binary). You'll get some output like this:

Core files available:
-rw------- 1 unreal unreal 11812864 Apr  2 17:00 core
-rw------- 1 unreal unreal 6903098 Oct 25 15:31 crash.report.core.1477402278.txt
Type the name of the core file you want to research:

You'll most likely want just the core file, but make sure that's actually when the crash occurred. Type the name and hit enter to receive a bunch of developer lingo. Now you can either find just the line that mentions one of my modules' names, or simply copy everything (the latter is way more helpful tbh, although it may contain sensitive data). Then pass this info to me via one of the below communication channels. Be sure to use something like pastebin.com if you're passing on more than one line of output.

If what I said above is indistinguishable from Chinese to you, you can also provide me with access to the server causing the problem so I can take a looksie myself. =]

Module interference

In case of functionality interference, you can use the same communication channels. Be sure to describe exactly what the problem is. ;]

Not receiving server notices from modules

This likely has to do with the changes made to the snomask/logging systems for Unreal 6. Check the main README for all new logging events.

Vague errors

I recently ran into a sort of vague error myself when writing a module using ModData: No space available

Apparently that's caused when the available ModData slots are all used up. =] You can increase these if you want, but I'm not really sure if it's supported lel. You also have to do this on every server. Inside include/config.h there are a few defines:


It should be clear what to do here. =] I personally multiplied all of them so I should be good for a while. Recompile and restart the IRCd to actually make it work (again, on all servers).

Comm channels

I can be found: