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Some people may often type in caps which is annoying af really. So this module allows you to block these messages (or convert to all-lowercase) by means of an anticaps { } configuration block. It works for both channel and user private messages. ;] It disregards colour codes and control characters as well as spaces while counting caps. U-Lines and opers are once again exempt.

Config block:

anticaps {
    capslimit 10; // Default: 50
    minlength 10; // Default: 30
    lowercase_it 1; // Default: 0

Above example would set a limit of 10% capital letters, with a minimum message length of 10. In other words, if the message is less than 10 characters it won't even bother checking. You can also set it to 0 to effectively disable it. The entire block is optional.

Set lowercase_it to 1 to lowercase the entire (plaintext) message instead of downright bl0cking it. ;]