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Apply vhosts at connect time based on users' raw nick formats or IP addresses. The vhosts are entered in unrealircd.conf and they must be at least 5 chars in length. Furthermore, you can only enter the host part (so not ident@host).

There are some dynamic variables you can specify in the config, which will be replaced with a certain value on user connect:

  • $nick: nickname 0bv m8
  • $ident: ident 0bv m9

If a resulting vhost would be illegal (unsupported characters etc) then opers with the EYES snomask will get notification about this.

Add a config block that looks like this:

autovhost {
    *!*@some.host $nick.big.heks;
    *!*@some.host $ident.big.heks;
    Mibbit*!*@*mibbit.com mibbit.is.gay;
    192.168.* premium.lan;

So everyone connecting from a typical LAN IP will get the vhost premium.lan, for example. Keep in mind it replaces virthost and not cloakedhost, so when you do /umode -x this custom vhost is lost (why would you do -x anyways? ;]).

Furthermore, services like for example Anope's HostServ will override this vhost as they generally set it after we changed it.