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[UNC] bancheck_access

This one was mostly written for keks. It prevents chanops/hops from banning anyone who has +o, +a and/or +q. The module will check every banmask against people who have any of those access modes, using both their vhost and cloaked host. Opers can ban anyone regardless, but they can also still be affected by other bans if they don't have a high enough access mode. This is done to maintain fairness in the channel, but opers may sometimes need to set wide-ass and/or insane channel bans. Similar to fixhop, this mod will simply strip the affected masks and let the IRCd handle further error processing.

Note: Afaik Unreal is unable to "ask" your NickServ flavour about access lists from within a module. So if you have Anope and did /cs access #chan add <nick> 10 it will auto-op that person when they authenticate, but Unreal knows fuck all about this list. As such, it simply checks if they have the proper access mode right now.

Also, because chan(h)ops could theoretically use /cs mode #chan +b <mask> to bypass the module, U-Lines are also restricted. ;]

Config block:
The module will display a notice to the user in case certain masks are stripped, provided you set the following config value:

set {
    // Rest of set { } block goes hur 0fc
    bancheck_access_notif 1;

Also, keep in mind that this only prevents setting of bans, they can still do like /mode #chan -b *!*@hostname.of.chanop.