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This module is quite similar to rmtkl in that you can clear "ban" lists based on masks with wildcards. So you could use a mask of *!*@* or even just * to clear errythang, it's pretty straightforward imo tbh. =]

Couple o' thangs to keep in mind:

  • The module will run Unreal's TKL_DEL hook, so other modules are aware of the changes it makes.
  • Sometimes (for unknown reasons) you might get corrupt masks in your ban lists (e.g. butthams@* instead of butthams!*@*), running any /clearlist command will clear those as well. This was added because not even with raw server2server commands can you remove those masks.

CLEARLIST <channel> <types> <mask>

Types list:

  • b => Ban
  • e => Ban exception
  • I => Invite exception


  • CLEARLIST #bighek b *
  • CLEARLIST #ayylmao Ie guest*!*@*
  • CLEARLIST #hambutt * *