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[PORT] clones

Yay for AngryWolf. =]
Adds a command /CLONES to list all users having the same IP address matching the given options. Clones are listed by a nickname or by a minimal number of concurrent sessions connecting from the local or the given server.

I made one change, which is instead of having /helpop clones (which requires you to add a block to all servers' help.conf files) you can now view a built-in halp thingay. =]

CLONES <min-num-of-sessions|nickname> [server]

Some examples:

  • CLONES 2 => Lists local clones having 2 or more sessions
  • CLONES Loser => Lists local clones of Loser
  • CLONES 3 hub.test.com => Lists all clones with at least 3 sessions, which are connecting from hub.test.com
  • CLONES => View built-in halp