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[UNC] debug

Allows privileged opers to easily view internal (configuration) data. I know you can do some of it with a /STATS command, but this shit displays different info than that. ;]

Currently it allows opers with the operpriv debug to view configured oper and operclass information. By default it asks the server to which you're connected, but since it may differ across servers (local O-Lines etc), you can also ask another server directly. =]

Config block:

operclass netadmin-debug {
    parent netadmin;
    permissions {

DBG <datatype> [server]
I went with DBG and not DEBUG cuz a bunch of clients probably nick the /debug command for themselves, get at me. ;];]


  • DBG opers => Get a list of known opers from the server you're on
  • DBG operclasses ayy.check.em => Asks the leaf ayy.check.em about the operclasses it knows

Compilation warnings:
You may get a warning like format not a string literal, argument types not checked [-Wformat-nonliteral], you can safely ignore that.