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[UNC] fixhop

In my opinion the +h access mode (channel halfops yo) is a little b0rked (cuz le RFC compliancy prob). So I made a qt3.14 module that implements some tweaks which you can enable at will in em config. ;3

Also, because hops could theoretically use /cs mode #chan +b <mask> to bypass the module, U-Lines are also restricted. ;]

Just compile that shit, load it and add the tweaks you want to a top-level config block (disable one by simply removing/leaving out the directive):

fixhop {
	deny_chmodes "ft";
  • allow_invite => Apparently when a chan is +i halfops can't invite people, this overrides that
  • deny_widemasks => Hops can normally set a ban/exemption/invex for shit like *!*@*, this deny that by stripping those masks
  • widemask_notif => Enable an in-channel notice directed only at the hopped user
  • deny_chmodes => Will strip the given channel modes in either direction, ne arguments should be taken into account
  • chmode_notif => Enable in-channel n0tice for dis

Also, for deny_chmodes you can specify a string like ft-b+k-P. This will deny: modes ft in any direction (like both add and remove), removing bans, setting a channel key and unsetting its permanent status. =]]] You can use the explicit + and - anywhere and multiple times in the string (as shown), but for the "any direction" stuff it obviously must be at the very beginning without any signs. Keep in mind that if you deny e.g. +b then hops will have to do /mode #chan -b in order to just see the ban list. Conversely, if -b is denied then they'll have to do /mode #chan +b to see it.