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[UNC] fixhop

In my opinion the +h access mode (channel halfops yo) is a little b0rked (cuz le RFC compliancy prob). So I made a qt3.14 module that implements some tweaks which you can enable at will in da config. ;3

Also, because hops could theoretically use /cs mode #chan +b <mask> to bypass the module, U-Lines are also restricted. ;]

Just compile that shit, load it and add the tweaks you want to a top-level config block (disable one by simply removing/leaving out the directive):

fixhop {
    disallow_chmodes "ft";
  • allow_invite => Apparently when a chan is +i halfops can't invite people, this overrides that
  • disallow_widemasks => Hops can normally set a ban/exemption/invex for shit like *!*@*, this disallows that by stripping those masks
  • widemask_notif => Enable an in-channel notice directed only at the hopped user
  • disallow_chmodes => Will strip the given channel modes in either direction, ne arguments should be taken into account
  • chmode_notif => Enable in-channel n0tice for dis