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[SPEC] nicksuffix

Requested by Celine, this module prevents people from doing /nick <anything here>. Rather, it suffixes the "original" nick (the one on connect) with what the user specifies. There's also a special "nick" to revert back to the original one. ;] The module also comes with a new config block, which is required.

Config block:

nicksuffix {
    separator "|";
    restore "me";

The separator can be one of the following characters: -_[]{}\|
The other directive is so when people do /nick me they'll revert back to what they had on connect. It can be anything you want, as long as Unreal sees it as a valid nick.

Also, keep in mind that the specified separator char cannot be used for "base" nicknames, so connecting to IRC with a nick such as foo|bar is not possible.