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[SPEC] nopmchannel

A request by westor, this module is p much the opposite of my message_commonchans in that it prevents users from privately messaging each other if they share a specific channel. There are a few exceptions (as usual ;]):

  • People with any of the +hoaq access modes, as well as U-Lined users (e.g. BotServ bots), can send and receive normally to/from all channel members
  • IRC opers can always send to other members but not receive, unless they have one of above-mentioned access modes

Config block:

nopmchannel {
    name "#somechannel";
    name "#another";
    // More go here

I went with a config block instead of a channel mode because the module imposes restrictions on user-to-user communications, which is more of a network thing instead of channel-level. ;]