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[PORT] operpasswd

Another port of one of AngryWolf's modules. =]
This basically lets you see the username and password for a failed OPER attempt, you gotta set an extra snomask flag to see them though. You can do this wit /mode <nick> +s +O or just use it in set::snomask-on-oper.

I made some changes to this module as it relied on "netadmins" which Unreal 4.x doesn't have n0 m0ar. So I came up with a new operclass privilege to indicate who is able to set the snomask. You also had to explicitly enable the snomask in the 3.x version, but it's now enabled by default. ;]

Config blocks:

operclass netadmin-operpasswd {
    parent netadmin;
    permissions {

operpasswd {
    enable-global-notices 1;
    enable-logging 0;
    max-failed-operups 3;
    failop-kill-reason "Too many failed OPER attempts lol";

Since snomask notices are only sent to a server's local opers, you gotta use enable-global-notices to broadcast that shit to errone. Also, you have to specify something for max-failed-operups in order to get the kill to work, since the module sorta assumes 0 which means "disable that shit fam". The kill reason defaults to "Too many failed OPER attempts".