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[PORT, UNC] portsifresi

Using this module you can specify a different password for every port. This might be useful if e.g. you have backup servers that only certain people should be able to connect to. Or if you want a totally priv8 netw3rk. I think it was originally written by Sky-Dancer.

Config block:

psifre {
    6667 "hams";
    6697 "turds";

So any client connecting to port 6667 will first have to send a PASS hams command. People who use 6697 have to do PASS turds. Many clients (if not all?) have a server password field, so you just gotta enter em port-specific password in there.

Keep in mind that you still need a regular listen block to even accept connections on the specified port(s), as this module does not handle any of that.

Protip: Unreal 5 has defines and conditional config hecks, which you could theoretically use with this module. For example, you could @define $SERVER "foo.bar.baz" then specify a password like pre-$SERVER-post. In order to connect to a specific server, you need to provide the proper server name too. Meaning the proper password is: pre-foo.bar.baz-post