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[UNC] pubnetinfo

Another request/proposal by PeGaSuS, this module displays information that is allowed to be publicly available for every server. Right now it'll simply show if a server is linked over localhost and if it's using SSL/TLS to communicate with the other end. Simply execute /pubnetinfo and check the server notices sent to you. ;]

Example output:

-someleaf.myirc.net- [pubnetinfo] Link hub.myirc.net: localhost connection = no -- SSL/TLS = yes
-hub.myirc.net- [pubnetinfo] Link otherleaf.myirc.net: localhost connection = no -- SSL/TLS = yes
-hub.myirc.net- [pubnetinfo] Link services.myirc.net: localhost connection = yes -- SSL/TLS = no

So in this case I ran the command on someleaf, which only has information about the hub it's linked to. For the other servers this leaf asks its hub for the information instead (otherwise we can't tell if it's using TLS or nah). The hub has info on 2 additional servers; another leaf and the services node.

You can get similar information by using /stats C, but: 1) it only outputs shit for directly attached servers 2) it displays the server connection port too. ;]