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[UNC] rehashgem

Implements an additional rehashing flag -gem (global except me). I originally wrote this because of the confprot module. Since it sorta requires you to set allowunknown to 1 when making config changes, it would cause a triple rehash on the hub which is really not necessary. =]

Now that confprot is dead this module prolly serves little purpose anymore, but some people might find it useful lel.

Soooooo, when you do /rehash -gem, all other servers will rehash everything (appends -all flag by default). You can also rehash just MOTDs, SSL/TLS-related stuff, etc by appending their respective flags to -gem:

  • /rehash -gemtls
  • /rehash -gemmotd
  • Any other "sub" flag Unreal already supports (/helpop rehash should show these)