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I've gotten multiple requests to have a module to implement SA* commands (like SANICK, SAUMODE) within the IRCd instead of through services (usually /os SVSNICK etc). Right now it allows privileged opers to forcibly change someone's nickname and/or their usermodes. =] You cannot use any of these commands on U-Lined users, raisins should b fairly obvious.

There are also operprivs for every "subcommand" to indicate who can use which. The target user won't get a visual cue at all for umode changes, unlike when using services. This means no notice, no <nick> sets mode <modestr> in their console, etc.

Config blocks:
First, make sure an operclass has one or more of the operprivs:

operclass netadmin-sacmds {
    parent netadmin;
    permissions {

And assign it to one or more oper(s) so they can use the relevant command(s).

SANICK <fromnick> <tonick>
SAUMODE <nick> <umodes>

SANICK ayy bastem => Changes the nick ayy to bastem
SAUMODE bastem -x+Z => Removes bastem's virtual host and enables the secureonlymsg restriction