Our server pr0vider carried out maintenance on 15 January 2020 but it corrupted some files in the process. If you notice anything out of the ordinary (partial files, pages not loading, that kind of shit) then let us know at:

uline_nickhost.md 566 B


You're probably familiar with the idea of having to do /msg NickServ@services.my.net as opposed to just /msg NickServ. This can be helpful to counter bots that try to auto-reg their nicks to join channels with +R set. ;]

Simply load the module and everyone will have to address all U-Lines with the above format. So if your services link's name is baste.my.hams you'll have to use /msg NickServ@baste.my.hams. This goes for both PRIVMSG and NOTICE (also includes CTCP as that's just PRIVMSG wrapped in special characters).