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[NOAVY] Mabe also add -L in case of redirects lel

Wazakindjes 2 years ago
1 changed files with 6 additions and 6 deletions
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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ rem Grabbing UnrealIRCD sauce y0
 if "%GOTTEMVERSION%" == "git" (
 	git clone --branch=unreal42 c:\projects\unrealircd
 ) else (
-	curl -fsS -o unrealircd-%GOTTEMVERSION%.tar.gz
+	curl -fsSL -o unrealircd-%GOTTEMVERSION%.tar.gz
 	7z e unrealircd-%GOTTEMVERSION%.tar.gz && 7z x unrealircd-%GOTTEMVERSION%.tar
 	rem Rename for good measure imo
 	ren unrealircd-%GOTTEMVERSION% unrealircd
@@ -55,20 +55,20 @@ for %%x in (\projects\unrealircd\src\modules\third\*.c) do set /a totalcount+=1
 rem Installing UnrealIRCd dependencies
 cd \projects\unrealircd-deps
-curl -fsS -o SetACL.exe
+curl -fsSL -o SetACL.exe
 rem Different format for git builds ;];]
 if "%GOTTEMVERSION%" == "git" (
-	curl -fsS -o
+	curl -fsSL -o
 ) else (
-	curl -fsS -o
+	curl -fsSL -o
 rem Now the actual build
 cd \projects\unrealircd
-curl -fsS -o dlltool.exe
+curl -fsSL -o dlltool.exe
 call extras\build-tests\windows\compilecmd\%SHORTNAME%.bat
 rem The above command will fail, due to missing symbol file
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ if "%HOUR:~0,1%" == " " (set dtStamp=%dtStamp9%) else (set dtStamp=%dtStamp24%)
 echo Built on: %dtStamp% GMT >built.txt
 rem Fancy ass HTML version of the repo's README ;];;] (regenerated way before we get to this point lmao)
-curl -fsS -o README.html
+curl -fsSL -o README.html
 rem Zip em up and show some proof lol
 7z a -xr!*.zip -r *