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Added Wind0ngs DLL m0d zip link to top of readme ;3

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@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@ __Protip__: To download a module, use the `Raw` button on the right-hand side wh
 __Another protip__: This repo now has [its own RSS feed](, so you can easily keep track of that shit.
+__Yet another protip (for Wind0ngs users):__ You can now grab a `.zip` file with all modules compiled to `.dll` files for easy installation. ;];]
+Currently available (__make sure your Unreal version matches__):
+* [Unreal 4.0.16](
 __Repo structure:__
 * __updatem.sh__: Bash script to update my installed modules
 * __u4:__ Modules for Unreal 4.x obviously