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[NOAVY] May also wanna updatem readme kek

Wazakindjes 3 years ago
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@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ After that just add the relevant `loadmodule "third/m_modname";` line(s) to `unr
 * __templates:__ Muh templ8s for Unreal m0ds m8, everything is explained inside the `.c` files there
 * __spec:__ Specifically written for someone by request, as such it's tailored to them/their network and is probably not very useful to you (see readme in the dir for deetz)
 * __malv:__ Specifically written for Malvager; move along, nothing to see here =]
+* __4thparty:__ As a courtesy, I'm having my AppVeyor setup also build other people's m0ds for Wind0ngs (see the readme in the dir for details)
 * __br0ken__: Modules I started working on but which don't quite work (see the readme in the dir for details)
 # Paid modules